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Yoga, “the treasure of the world,” originated in the Himalayas in northern India more than 5,000 years ago. 

When ancient Indian yogis meditated in the forest, they accidentally discovered that various animals are inherently capable of relaxing, sleeping, or staying awake and can heal themselves of disease. Through observing, imitating and experiencing the posture of these animals, the ancient Indian yogis developed an exercise system called Asana, which is beneficial to both the body and the mind. They concluded that by exercising the body and regulating breathing, we can control our mind and emotions, as well as maintain physical health. These Yoga methods have been practiced for thousands of years, bringing benefits and health to generations of people. 

Today, Yoga has become a widely practiced physical and mental exercise throughout the world, highly prized for its obvious ability to alleviate psychological pressure and maintain physical health. With easily-learned skills to control postures, breathing and meditation, Yoga is an exercise that helps us achieve the unity of mind and body and gradually reach our full potential. 

The Center offers programs both for beginners and enthusiasts taught by well-known Indian and Nepalese Yoga teachers. 

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