Useful information for stay at the World Center


Main Hall
The main hall is open to the public daily from 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm, unless a special event is occurring. The hall can accommodate approximately 200 - 230 people seated in chairs or 100 people on meditation mats.

The auditorium, located under the Main Hall, can be used for meditation, lectures, yoga and other practices. It has a 100-person capacity.

We have four classrooms which can be used for small group lectures, seminars, discussions or as breakout spaces. Two of these classrooms can accommodate 30 - 50 people; two can accommodate 12 - 15 people.

AV equipment
The Main Hall and the Auditorium have their own audio and video systemswhich may be used for events. So does the classroom. There is a separate charge for this usage based on the event request.

There are no phones in guest bedrooms. Due to the limited availability of utilities, the local phone line is only used for emergencies. All Center announcements are posted on a bulletin board located on the lower floor near the Dinning Hall; visiting groups can also use this board to post schedules or other notices.

Dinning Hall
One large Dinning Hall, located on the lower floor, can seat 80 people; meals are served as a self-service buffet.

Business Services
Internet connectivity is available, light-duty photocopier and phone services at an additional fee.

All rooms have windows. The building is not air-conditioned; there is ceiling fan in each room and double walls designed specifically to ensure comfortable temperatures. All rooms are provided with sheets, a pillow, a blanket and a bed spread.

Shower rooms
There are communal, unisex shower rooms on the lower floor that can be designated as needed, and separate single-sex shower rooms onthe lower floor. The hot-water supply schedule is posted in the shower rooms.

What to bring
Towels, toiletries, light torch