Policies for stay at the World Center

Membership only
Only WCPU members may stay or held an event at the Center.
Please fill out the basic information on the accomondation application form to become a member.

All stays require an advance reservation. Registration is between 3pm and 6pm; group leaders must notify the Center, if an earlier check-in is requested. Check-out is at 2pm; late check-out will be dependent on availability.

Daily hours
The Sacred Garden Gate is open daily from 5am to 8pm. The World Center is open to the public daily from 8am to 5pm unless there is a special event, in which case access is restricted. Overnight guests must be in the Center by 8 pm.

The World Center is a place for meditation and peace; behavioral discretion is required.

Open flame policy
The World Center is an Eco environment. For safety reasons, NO candles or smoking are permitted on the premises.

Please help to conserve power and water by turning off lights and being mindful of water use. Due to the electric limited loading, no heaters, hair dryers or irons are allowed in the Center. If there is a special electrical need, please specify it during the application process. Under the Nepal regulation, there is a load-shedding schedule which will be provided at registration. Nepal power supply is 220V.

Every group will need to have a designated contact person for the World Center. While Center staff may be able to offer assistance, this contact person is responsible for dealing with any issues and emergencies (including medical situations) during the groups’ stay at the Center.

Meals can only be considered if they were requested at the stage of application. Under Dharma Guidance, only vegetarian meals are served at the Center. Meals include: breakfast from 8am - 9am, Lunch from 12pm - 1pm, and dinner from 6pm -7pm.Self service tea is provided every day between 9am and 8pm on the lower floor Canteen. All meals will be arranged by the Center.

In order to maintain a clean environment, please DO NOT bring outside food or leave any open food stuffs unattended in the room.

Guests are expected to keep their rooms tidy and are solely responsible for all their personal belongings.

Each boarding guest is given a room key at registration which must be returned at departure. There is a fine for lost keys. Transferring the key to a third party is NEVER permitted.

Bedding arrangement
Linens (bed sheet/pillow/blanket/bead spread) for each of the room will be provided by the Center during the period of stay. They will be placed in each of the room when arrival; and to leave at the room as guest departure. 


Children are welcome only under special circumstances, and must be supervised at all times by a parent or designated guardian.