Fact Sheet
Location:  plot no. CW 12, West International Monastic Zone
Opening: April 4, 2011
Meaning of name: Mahachaitya is Sanskrit for "Great Stupa"
Country affiliation: None, dedicated to Buddhism worldwide
Construction: Began in Fall, 2006; done mostly by hand due to power outages.
Architectural style: Modeled on the Shariputra Stupa at the ancient Nalanda University, Bihar, India.
Architects: Exterior Design: Dominique Gondolff, France, and Bishnu Panday, Nepal; Interior Design: Jerry, Yu Chia Hsu, Taiwan, and Anuj Shrestha, Nepal
Building area: 48,600 square feet
First floor: Auditorium, library, classrooms, office, dining hall, kitchen, residential rooms.
Second floor: Main hall, classrooms, souvenir center, teacher residences, guest rooms.
Safety features: Anti-Earthquake System, able to withstand a temblor of 7.7 on the Richter scale.
Environmental features: Solar panels with acapacity of 20 KW (100% of basic light needs); cavity wall for natural insulation; passive sunlight and airflow systems for comfort.
Art: 38 larger statues, 1000 smaller statues of Buddhas and Bodhisattavas, depicted in Sutrayana and Mantrayana traditions. All are original figures crafted in precious metals and in the style of the 7th to 13th Century C.E., often known as the era of the height of Buddhist art, mainly Pala period.
Artists: Raj Kumar Shakya, Nepal, and Nhuchhe Ratna Shakya, Nepal.
The sign off agreement on World Center of Peace and Unity
sign-off date:
2nd March, 2006
sign-off by:
Lumbini Development Trust - Suraj Bajdhya, Vice President
Representative of World Center for Peace and Unity - 
Karma Tsering Sherpa, General Secretary UTBF